The SALSAMEMUCHO and MEMUCHO brand was created by Yuan S Chu … inspired by the song BESAME MUCHO that he used to sing back in Bolivia. SALSAMEMUCHO and MEMUCHO is a registered brand hold by BALDANZA CAPITAL Ltd a HK company since 1993.

2012 SALSAMEMUCHO FESTIVAL SHANGHAI ( Organized by Yuan S Chu, William & Dianna ) was created with an Big sucess and United all Salsa communities leaders across China to advocate the growth and healthy development of the community.

2013 SALSAMEMUCHO FESTIVAL SHANGHAI ( Organized by Yuan S Chu, William & Dianna ) reach an historically high of 1000 plus participants coming from across China, Asia and Internationally with World leading artitst and legendary figures such as Mambo D, Maykel Fonts, Fernando Sosa and his Tropical Gem Team witnessing the Rise of SALSAMEMUCHO.

2013 SALSAMEMUCHO enter New York, with a small Research Center was establish at New York Spanish Harlem and started to gather primary and secondary data about everything related to SALSA and its Genere in New York City. The research expanded into Puerto Rico, Cuba, Los Angeles, Miami, Colombia and Latin america countries.

2014 SALSAMEMUCHO 64 Fitness Steps started to be developed, practiced and taught at The Museo del Barrio – Spanish Harlem New York and enter into Salsa congresses in China and Bolivia.

2015 SALSAMEMUCHO FOUNDER Yuan S Chu becomes World Salsa Summit Certified Championship Judge in Miami – USA and started experiencing judging in Salsa competitions in Bolivia, Korea and accross China.

2015 SALSAMEMUCHO – NEW YORK FESTIVAL ( Organized by Yuan S Chu & Jimmy Anton ) (ASIA MEET NEW YORK) El Museo del Barrio was partially sponsored by the Museo del Barrio and supported by 34 plus Salsa Dances clubs and Musical groups. Successfully United all styles of Salsa dance styles and music under one roof and SALSAMEMUCHO becomes part of the NYC Salsa History.

2015 SALSAMEMUCHO – created the new event 2015 BACHATAMEMUCHO – SHANGHAI ( Organized by Yuan S Chu, Raymond Gao & Mike Honda ) with the objective to create an easy entry to people who does not dance SALSA at all with the hope that once a large numbers of new blood learn how to dance Bachata they will eventually move on and become dedicated SALSA dancers as well.

2016 SALSAMEMUCHO – SHENZHEN FESTIVAL ( Organized by Yuan S Chu & Franky Wong ) becomes the 1st and the largest recorded SALSA Mega Event in Southern China history. uniting all styles of SALSA Clubs in The region and across China with more than 40 International Artists mainly coming from New York and special cultural recongnition was given to New York’s Cali Salsa Artists by China Colombia Consulate General.

2016 SALSAMEMUCHO in New York, Published The World 1st all Original Music and Lyrics Bachata Album in Chinese language by Liane Chu
currently are being play by Bachata & Salsa DJs accross the World and The World 1st Original Bachata Album published by SALSAMEMUCHO Records can be found at by Liane Chu

2016 BACHATAMEMUCHO – SHANGHAI FESTIVAL ( Organized by Yuan S Chu, Raymond Gao & Mike Honda ) becomes a International well know mega Bachata event mainly because most of the new artists that BACHATAMEMUCHO promoted has all become World Rising Bachata Stars.

2016 SALSAMEMUCHO – SHANGHAI begin a series of movement to advocate and to prohibit smoking in SALSA & BACHATA dance venues in Shanghai.

2017 BACHATAMEMUCHO – SUZHOU FESTIVAL ( Organized by Yuan S Chu, Raymond Gao & Mike Honda ) Its becomes the 1st BACHATA FESTIVAL event ever in the History in Suzhou and the historical Fun event was held in an 5 Stars Hotel that could fit in 1000 People and had a Swimming pool party at the rooftop that was partially sponsored by Colombia’s Rum Medellin and Magnum Ice-cream.
Furtheremore The whole ballroom mega dance arena air was purified by Industrial air purifier machines sponsored by World Famous brand BlueAir an Unilever’s product and Free flow bevereges by South American brands Rum Medellin and Tamesis. It becomes the initial stage where World Big Brands starts to take MEMUCHO brands seriously and starts sponsoring.

2017 SALSAMEMUCHO Partnered with EEEYOOO Technology Inc. and creates SALSAMEMUCHO Networks System to provide ticketing services to MEGA SALSA & BACHATA events in China and across The World and SALSAMEMUCHO Online SALSA & BACHATA Videos (VR) Lessons to serve instructors in China and across The World to bridge them with students across China.

2017 SALSAMEMUCHO – MEGA FESTIVAL move back to where its all begun … SHANGHAI – CHINA.
( Organize by Yuan S Chu, William & Dianna )